Welcome to Robin Howell's Resource Wiki. I am currently an Arts Education student at the University of Regina. This wiki will be a place that I can organize the millions of resouces being tossed at me through education classes, fellow students and anything else I stumble upon. I am new to wiki, but hopefully this site will be a great tool to keep me organized, and may one day be a great resource for other teachers in the future. For now, I am exploring the features of wikispaces and adding pages as I go along.

I would really like this site to be a collaborative work. I would appreciate any feedback you can think of. Just fill out this google form!

I am still in the process of adding all of my resources to the site, but if you have an idea that you'd like to see here, please fill out this google form. I'll check out your idea, post it here and give you full credit. Also, if you invent a new way to use one of the resources listed here, send in your idea and I will post that as well. Thanks and enjoy!