Social Bookmarking

In short, saves your favourite websites. Wait, my computer already saves my favourite sites, so why the need for delicious? It's true, your computer can save your favourite websites, but they are only saved onto your computer. By using, you can access your favourite sites from any computer because they are saved on the website that is, not to an individual computer.

toolbar.PNGIt's easy and free; once you sign up for a account, you can download three little buttons onto your internet toolbar. The first button opens a new tab to your homepage. The second opens a sidebar in your current window that displays your bookmarks. The third button is how you save a bookmark. A pop-up will open with the URL and page title already entered. All you need to do is enter a description if desired, a tag so you can stay organized and click 'save'. Voila! also has a way to organize your many bookmarks, or saved websites. You can organize bookmarks through tags. Tags are like labels; you give a tag to a certain site or group of sites, then when you are looking for that site later, you can search by it's tag name instead of having to sift through all of your bookmarked websites. is a also social bookmarking site. This means you can add friends who also have accounts and share bookmarks with each other, search by tag name through the entire site and see all sites tagged under that name, and subscribe via RSS feed to all sites saved under a particular tag.

All sites that you bookmark to can be viewed by everyone with a account. Have a site that you want to keep private? No problem; just click 'do not share' and the bookmark will be shown only to you.

Already have hundreds of sites saved to your computer and don't feel like re-saving them all onto No worries; has already thought of that and added a feature that imports all of your favourites onto their site in just a few minutes via the site's API in XML or JSON formats.

For a short tutorial on signing up for a account and it's main features, watch this great video clip by Common Craft.